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Lincoln Saxon Cole

"I'm too fabulous."

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Name:Lincoln Saxon Cole
Birthdate:May 1
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:~ dreamlikenewyork

Lincoln Saxon Cole was one of the only two children of a single mother who worked hard and played harder most of their childhood in Tampa, Florida. There was no doubt about the fact she would have only had one if she hadn't gotten two for the price of one with Emily and then Lincoln who followed 2.5 minutes later. That was why both of the twins started fending for themselves from a young age, and other than her twin, Lincoln was very much an independent soul who played by his own rules. Emily tried weed and booze for the first time at thirteen, with her mother, but despite the fact that she wasn't the most responsible parent, there was no doubt that her mom loved her kids. She worked herself to the bone to try and provide for them, and partying was the one thing she did for herself to try and relieve some of the stress. Miraculously, she never got pregnant again, but she was close to Emily growing up, who was treated much more like a friend than a daughter.

Lincoln, on the other hand, was always a handful. He was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, always getting into everything. He settled when he was medicated for it, but once he hit his teens and realised the world was his oyster, he ditched the meds and replaced them with weed and cigarettes. In a rude twist of fate from The Powers That Be, Lincoln's first attempt at hard drugs was either a bad cut or he had a severe allergic reaction and landed in hospital in the ICU the first bender he went on. Needless to say, he couldn't easily be the party animal his mother was...

Emily, on the other hand, loved to party -- still does to this day -- but there came a point where she knew that she didn't want her life to just be a string of workdays punctuated by booze fuelled parties like her mother's. She wanted a life of substance... a life that meant something and helped people along the way. So she became the adult in her family, while her mom continued to live like a teenager and her brother's existence was hanging out with mates getting high, getting laid, fast cars, and watching sports. She committed to her studies and developed close friendships with people her own age, determined to live as normal a life as possible through high school and college until she could graduate with a degree and make decent money.

It was her senior year of high school that would ultimately set her on the pathway to her future career, though in the beginning, it wasn't something she really expected. Emily was always an out and proud lesbian, never feeling the need to be closeted or try dating guys. She loved dating and sleeping with girls, something that started when she was fifteen, and something that led to her having quite a few friends who, like her, fell under the LGBTQ umbrella of all kinds. Her best friend in high school was a gay guy named Drew, who was firmly closeted due to his very conservative family. When he finally came out at the age of 17, his family disowned him, and with her mother's blessing, Emily had him come to live with them. It was one night walking home from the corner store that Drew's uncle lured him into his car, assuring him that things were okay and his family wanted to see him, before driving off and raping him, cruelly asking him if he still wanted dick after the trauma to his body. He dumped Drew far from Emily's home, but luckily, didn't take his cell phone, and Emily was able to find him and get him to a hospital.

It was an experience that would always stick with her, even when she went away to college in New York and Drew stayed behind, finally dealing with the issues that remained after the abuse he received, and starting a relationship with a really good guy who cared for him and understood the difficulties associated with his past. Emily still keeps in touch with Drew as much as she can, but her life moved forward in a far different way than she ever expected.

When Emily went to New York, her twin brother just followed her. Luckily they were very close because she didn't really have a choice in the matter. He had no intentions of hanging off her like a bad smell while she was trying to live her life. In fact, Lincoln was the sort of guy who seemed to land on his feet whatever he did and planned to just see what way the cookie crumbled in the Big Apple. He crashed with Emily very briefly when they first arrived in New York, and just three weeks later, he was "discovered" by Modelling Agent, Charlotte Davison. She told him he had the right look she was searching for, and very soon after, he was in a Calvin Klein campaign with Emilio Alvarez. With that, he was thrust forcefully into the glamorous, hectic and often scandalous New York and beyond fashion world.

Now, he has just been signed as one of the newest faces of Rian Ambrose's label, Ambrosiere. He has met crazy amounts of people and connections through his job and never actually had to strive to get to where he is today. He's still a bit of a wild child, but he's in good company in the industry. He remains extremely close to Emily, even if his work as a model and her job as a Private Investigator keep them apart and often in different countries. They never lose touch, and Lincoln has even gotten savvy with aliases and disguises himself so he can catch up with her when she's away on jobs. By default, Lincoln struck up a very close friendship with Emily's work partner and now insta-husband, Clint Chevalier. They've slept together numerous times, and Clint, along with his cousin, Lorenzo and Lorenzo's best friend, Jude, are his closest friends in the whole world (who he, early in the piece, nicknamed the "Fabulous Foursome"). He's slept with Clint and Jude, often both of them together, but Lorenzo was always the more reserved and in a committed relationship.

After a world tour showcasing the latest Ambrosiere line, Lincoln is back in New York and about to get a sharp dose of reality when he hears everything that has gone down with his sister and his friends in his absence.

"I am, I'm too fabulous
I'm so fierce that it's so nuts
I live, to be model thin
Dress me, I'm your mannequin
J'adore Vivienne Habillez-moi
Gucci, Fendi et Prada.
Valentino, Armani too.
Merde, I love them Jimmy Choo."

Fashion - Lady Gaga

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For musebox/psl: [community profile] dreamlikenewyork

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